Industries most attractive for Seed Stage Startups 2023

Let's discuss the latest industry trends in seed-stage fundraising!

In the world of seed-stage startups, specific sectors have witnessed a clustering effect, attracting many investments. By analyzing data from Crunchbase, we've identified several standout areas where clustering occurs in the seed funding landscape in 2023. This blog explores these trends, highlighting notable sectors such as generative AI, power generation, esports, and the future of work.

No. 1: Generative AI 

Generative AI has emerged as a significant category in seed-stage investments. This field encompasses companies focused on various applications, ranging from coding and insurance underwriting to AI-generated text identification. One notable company in this space is XetHub, based in Seattle, which secured $7.5 million in seed funding from VC firm Madrona. Other companies are developing AI assistants for tasks like automating administrative functions, investment research, and AI tech support.

Additionally, GPTZero, a ChatGPT detection tool developed by a Princeton University student, gained considerable traction, accumulating 1.2 million users and raising $3.5 million in seed funding.

No. 2: Power Generation 

The quest for greener, cheaper, and more deployable energy sources has attracted substantial investment in seed-stage startups. Fusion-focused companies were particularly prominent on our list, with Renaissance Fusion, a French magnetic confinement fusion startup, securing $16 million in funding. Terraform Industries, based in Burbank, California, also made waves with its goal of using sunlight and air to produce cheap natural gas, raising $11 million.

The pursuit of fusion energy, though a century-old concept, has seen recent advancements that suggest commercialization may be within reach in the coming years.

No. 3: Esports 

The esports industry and online sports forums have experienced significant growth, driving investment at the seed stage. Our analysis revealed at least eight companies in this space that raised $3 million or more in seed funding. San Francisco-based Matchday garnered the most funding, with $21 million, and aims to combine Web3 and mobile gaming for an online soccer platform. Blacktop Hoops, a VR basketball game, also secured $5.1 million in seed funding.

Projections indicate that the global esports market will continue to expand, with an estimated worth of $4.5 billion by 2030.

No. 4: The Future of Work 

Seed financing also flows into tools and platforms focused on job placement. AI-powered solutions are also prevalent in this space, with companies like and Engin Sciences offering industry-specific talent acquisition and recruitment software. Interestingly, the tech industry recruiting sector did not see significant activity in terms of seed funding, likely influenced by industry challenges such as layoffs and falling valuations.

What's Not Working: While specific sectors are experiencing clustering and attracting seed-stage investments, it's essential to recognize areas not currently in favor. Sectors such as alternative proteins, consumer products, fast delivery, e-commerce aggregators, and cannabis companies, which were previously popular, are seeing reduced interest in seed funding.

Seed-stage startups are witnessing clustering effects in specific sectors, reflecting investment patterns in 2023. From generative AI and power generation to esports and the future of work, these areas draw substantial attention from investors. As the landscape evolves, entrepreneurs must adapt their pitches to align with current trends and investor preferences, showcasing resilience in a dynamic market.

Please note that the data and trends discussed in this blog are based on available information and should not be considered financial or investment advice. It's advisable to consult with professionals for personalized guidance.

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